6 October 2022

Jebel Burdah Rock Bridge

Considered one of the highest rock bridges in the world, the Burdah Rock Bridge stands a clear 115 feet (about 11 floors) above ground. We did not climb it.

In the tea stall below, we had some free tea and cookies. And made some friends with fellow tourists. Got some photography tips from Zoltan who was visiting from Hungary with his Canon DSLR EOS 6D.

Also, met Pam and Greg.

“Where are you visiting from?” (I must have used this line 50 times this trip and made all sorts of new friends)
“America”, the gentleman replied. “And you?”
“We are from America too. Atlanta”.
“We are from DC. We have 2 of our children in South Carolina”.
“And we have a daughter in DC!”

… and the conversations and exchanging of notes from places visited started. Turns out Pam and Greg are avid hikers and talked about some of the most difficult treks they have done.

I suddenly had a doubt.

“Did you guys go up to the top of the bridge?”

“Yes. We cam down 10 minutes back”

“Wait a minute… blue shirt, black shorts … I wonder….”, I mumbled and quickly scanned thru the pictures on my camera. And then stopped at one. Zoomed in as hard as I could…

And then showing the picture to both of them, I asked – “Isn’t that you two?”

Turned out that it was them!!

Just as we had reached the area, I had taken a few shots. In the very first one, I had managed to capture my new friends from Washington DC!!

We exchanged phone numbers to send the picture!!

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