3 October 2022

Reached Aqaba!! Why Aqaba?

I had come to Jordan in May. Then next month, Sharmila, Nikita and I were headed to India. The flight to Doha took a little southernly route due to the war in Ukraine. I was so excited that we might be going near Jordan that I had woken up Sharmila from her sleep to show her the Red Sea and Gulf of Aqaba when we crossed it. From about 40,000 feet high on Jun 10, I had taken pictures and posted them.

I had also promised that I will have my friend Mahmoud takes us to that city that we saw from the plane.

Well, today was that day!! Mahmoud brought Sharmila and me to Aqaba. We have not ventured out of the hotel yet. We will do so in the next two days.

How often do you get to fly over a completely unknown and small city from 40,000 feet high and hit that city soon on the ground as promised?

(The left is a picture I took from the plane that day; the right is a Google map picture right now)

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