21 September 2022

Well, this just happened

Some of you may know that professionally, I work in a company that assesses students (and younger kids) from their achievement levels to abilities to special needs and all that. In our all company call over Zoom, this time the topic was the “life of a typical user” – a teacher – and how would they use our product. Specifically, how would they interpret the scores. The idea of the organizers was to ensure everybody in the company understood what it took to walk in the shoes of a user.

It was extremely well done.

Towards the end, there was an exercise. The audience was divided into small groups and they had to discuss and interpret the score results. The 11 students they had “chosen” were uncannily the Top 10 leaders in the company and yours truly.

And in the made up reports (I insist, made up), apparently, I scored 13 in Social Studies!!

Each group were to discuss about how they interpreted the results and what actions they would take on their assigned student.

I know my business card demands that I maintain certain level of gravitas and all that in all company meetings. However, truth be told, I was rolling on the floor on live video!!

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