15 September 2022

My first mirrorless camera

After 11 years of staying with the DSLR technology (Nikon D-7000), finally made the switch to the mirrorless cameras. Had been meaning to make the switch for some time but never quite got around to doing it. Nikita taking my camera to her college (she is taking a Photography course) and the fact that there is a trip coming up for Sharmila and me was the perfect ruse I needed.

Thank you Samaresh for answering my questions. Stuck with the Nikon (Z6ii) brand (not because I plan to use my old lenses but that I am familiar with the controls). Could not get something to match my 18-300mm lens. Settled for 24-200mm. The camera is incredibly lighter than the DSLR I had.

I wish they made a version without the video capability. I never take any video with a camera (use the phone instead) and could have done with even lesser weight and lesser complications in the electronics.

I hope to have as much fun with this as I had with the DSLR.

Posted September 15, 2022 by Rajib Roy in category "Images

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