25 August 2022

What is a functional beverage?

This evening, Sharmila and I were walking around Avalon looking for a bar to sit down for a drink. She realized she needed to pick up something from the grocery store. So, we stepped into the Whole Foods.

I was inside a grocery store after a long time. So, as she shopped, I just ambulated thru the aisles – rather desultorily, if I may add – glancing thru all the different kinds of things they had stocked.

It is then that I came upon this board. I get “Water”, “Bottled Tea” and “Sodas”. But what is “Functional Beverages?”

Is it not really a beverage but just functionally so? Does that mean water, bottled tea and sodas are not functional?

Do you know?

Posted August 25, 2022 by Rajib Roy in category "Puzzles

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