23 August 2022

The bookends of a phase of our life

The first picture is the day Natasha came home from the hospital. In our infinite wisdom, we had decided to move into our first house a few days before Natasha was expected. It certainly did not help that Natasha decided enough was enough and came out ten days early. We brought her to a house surrounded by boxes and I spent most of the day looking for things in those myriad of boxes.

The second picture is the moment Nikita gave her goodbye hug to Sharmila before she set off on her own life in college on Monday. The facial expressions on their faces says it all.

In between those two bookends has been 24 years of amazing learnings in life. From those early days when you wish the first kid at least came with a user manual to learning how to negotiate with a two year old who has no concept of logic nor reason to nursery rhymes playing in your mind incessantly even in your sleep to suddenly realizing your sole purpose in life is to serve as an embarrassment in front of their school friends – it has been an incredible journey.

As with every parents, I suspect, we got a few things right and a few things not so right. But going thru a phase of life when you realize that you are really all they have as helpless kids trying to stand up in life has to be one of the most rewarding experiences life can offer to you.

The next chapter begins from here.

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