22 August 2022

A memorable evening with a memorable couple

And this is from somebody who tends to have some incredible evenings chatting with various people at bars and coffee shops literally everyday…

On our drive back from DC, Sharmila and I were scheduled to stay the night over at Charlotte. Decided to meet Christine and Tim for some drinks and bites. Christine and I have recently started working together. First time I met Tim.

The conversations between a 56 year old and a couple barely half that age can often struggle to find common grounds. Not with this couple. Especially, Tim. I have never come across in this country this young a couple who has this deep an understanding of geopolitical realities in various parts of the world. (Well, the other Tim and Nanette is close but they are not that young ๐Ÿ™‚ Seems like I might need to avoid Norcross for some time ๐Ÿ™‚ )

From current day political situations in Ghana to Sierra Leone to Kenya on one hand and then the historical importance of geo location of Malta on the other hand, I was soaking it all in! We talked about Andorra! (most people cannot even show the country on the world map or even tell which continent it is in – they knew the name of the capital and they want to visit there next!! They have already been to Malta)

There are certain discussions in life I can have with only 50+ year olds. You know you have to get to a certain age to get perspectives. Not with Tim. I was simply amazed by his level of wisdom when it came to what is truly important in life.

He stated a few principles he tries to live his life by. As I told him – the third one in the list is all that I needed to know – “When is the last time you have changed your mind?”.

If one truly can keep one’s minds open to other points of views, have the intellectual curiosity and be aware of one’s own biases – one really never gets old!!

I think I might have to slip down to Charlotte one more time soon!!

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