10 August 2022

A short and sweet meeting with Celeste

Both of us had about 30-40 minutes of break during our meetings. We were in the same city but, of course we were in different offices. Made a dash to grab a coffee and catch up.

We had worked together for about 3 years. These were the early days of the current company I work in. As it often happens, we have way too many stories from those early formative days of the company. We even sat in adjacent cubicles before Covid came in.

Have you noticed how when you meet old friends from work after many years – none of your recollections involve numbers or even product names? Almost all of them are about people – and in fact specific interactions with or of those people.

I have a few that Celeste and I are going to talk about – maybe fifteen years from now. The one that I am surely going to mention to her soon to be born son is how we even got to an agreement to work together!!! I am sure she will suggest that it was my version, but I will have Graham to back me up!

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