31 July 2022

Some IT humor!

Last evening, Sharmila mentioned that she needed to pick up something from Publix. We decided to stroll up to Alpharetta downtown, grab a drink by the street, pick up the stuff from Publix and then walk back. All these are within 5 minutes of us.

We had to hop around a little to find a bar that was relatively empty. Saturday evenings can be very popular in downtown Alpharetta. In the end, we landed up grabbing two drinks from South Main Kitchen and sat on their plush sofas outside.

The young lady who served us was Mackenzie (Mckinsey?). I talked to her for some time while at the bar as she made our drinks.

It is only after coming home and putting away the receipts of the day in the drawer that I noticed the cool IT humor.

For Server, it says “Down” !!

Posted July 31, 2022 by Rajib Roy in category "Humor

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