18 July 2022

Here is a cocktail head scratcher

All my mixology friends (I have tagged some of you on this post), I got a challenge from my friend Steve on how to make a cocktail using garlic.

That is a difficult one. A garlic is too strong on the nose. I do not believe I have ever come across a cocktail using garlic. Have you? How would you go around making one if you had to come up with one?

Asked the chef at home – Sharmila. And she assured me that you cannot beat the garlic at its game on the nose. The only other thought then is to overwhelm the nose with the palate. Building on Sharmila’s suggestion, one idea could be something like a Bloody Mary with the tomato juice (or something like carrot juice) giving a lot of thick texture to the tongue and mix salt with something to veer towards either spicy or umami taste (jalapeno or horseradish for example).

What other ideas might you have? I am going to try your ideas this weekend.

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