16 July 2022

The curious case of a camera bag

This weekend, I attended our IIT-hostel (engineering college dorm) get together in Seattle. I will write about that later.

One of those hostel mates who showed up was Ranga (Sampath Rangarajan, if my memory serves me right). He was one of the few that I used to be close to and I even got to know his parents and siblings. In fact, every year, I look forward to my conversation with his dad on his (dad’s) birthday.

This time, Ranga, always the enterprising guy was not only busy leading a lot of activities – dancing, hiking, antakshari (a type of song competition) – he was our lead photographer too. At least, he was toting his Canon DSLR and taking a lot of pictures and then dutifully uploading them on our group website.

No photographer myself, I still started talking to him about his camera with the modicum of knowledge I could muster from yesteryears. Eventually, I got curious about what all lenses and other paraphernalia he was carrying with him in his sophisticated looking camera bag.

And among various other photography related accoutrements, as evidenced by the picture, I found a bottle of Hajmola (look it up) and one of Tylenol!!

I guess it is a case of being better safe than sorry!

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