9 June 2022

It is beastly hot!!

“It is beastly hot”
“The weather is certainly oppressive, sir!”

The PG Wodehouse aficionados amongst you will remember this exchange between Bertie and Jeeves from “The Sermon Handicap”

Well, turns out Nikita does not only want to see Didu, but she wants to visit the small water tank Dadu (grandfather) had built with all the small fishes in it. Not sure how small things stick in early minds, but both the girls are totally taken in by the small fish in that water tank. Every time they visit, the fish in general tip the weighing scales way past their limits thanks to all the food that they feed them thru the day.

So, the plan is after we are done getting holed up in a hotel with Didu, we will all go to Durgapur to get her back home.

In case, you were wondering how hot Durgapur will be, the following might help.

Some cold Thums Up, anyone?

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