9 April 2022

“They call me Jello-Man”

While sitting by the Lazy Lizard in the Split and enjoying a cocktail, we were approached by a gentleman who was selling jello shots. He had two flavors and they were made in an orange peel. “You can throw away the peel in the water – the fish love it. My jello shots are bio-sustainable!”. His accent was very different. I could clearly understand what he was saying. None of the local dialect.

We bought two of the shots. But when he came back for the money, we got him to sit down and talk to us. He is from St. Louis (which explains the lack of dialect) and has moved to the island because he loves the life here. His two sons also have moved with him. They (the sons) work in some local stuff. And to pass his time, he himself makes jello shots and sells on the beach!

“What is your name?”
“They call me Jello-Man!”

Jello Man, it was!!

Posted April 9, 2022 by Rajib Roy in category "Vacations

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