9 April 2022

Intersection points again!!

On our boat ride from San Pedro to Cay Caulker, Sharmila and I sat on the upper floor of the big catamaran. Eventually, I gave up my seat to an elderly lady and stood at the forward edge on the bow side so that I could take in the wind as we sped towards our destination. There was a local gentleman standing next to me and then another couple next to him. Thru the trip, I could hear the lady chatting up the local. From the accent, I had no doubts that she was Indian. In any case, soon the conversation became white noise as I started taking the beauty of the cerulean waters in.

I did overhear her asking him when the last water taxi to return would be at. He professed ignorance but suggested “most likely 6 o’clock”. For a moment I thought of letting them know it was 6:15 but thought the better of butting into their conversation.

In any case, after enjoying the day on Caye Caulker, Sharmila and I caught the 3:45 water taxi back. I, again, stood on the bow side. Surprise! Surprise!! Suddenly the same couple came and stood next to me. This time, I broke the ice – “I thought you were going to take a later boat?”

“Yes, but we are a little far away from San Pedro boat station. So, we are taking this earlier one.”

Presently, we got to talk about where they lived and what they did. Their daughter was also on the boat traveling with them. I did eventually go talk to her. Like every adolescent kid, she was keeping a safe distance from her parents!

“So, where are you originally from?”, I asked.
“India. Both of us”
“Where in India?”, I asked thinking I might find some connection.
“West Bengal.”
“Oh! Where in West Bengal?” (As you must have guessed, I am from that state too)
“Really? Both of you? Where in Kolkata?”
“I am from Tollygunge and she is from Dunlop Bridge”.

You can only imagine their surprise when I told them that my brother stays a stone’s throw away from his house!!

“You are Bengalis too?” she asked
“Of course!!”

By this time, the boat had picked up speed and it was becoming difficult to hold a conversation down with Manosij and Sudipa in the strong winds.

However, after getting down, we did finish up our conversation and exchanged our contacts. And then as parents often do with their adolescent kids, we made her daughter take a picture of us. Which Ariana gracefully did.

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