8 April 2022

The most exquisitely made Old Fashioned I have ever had

The previous night I had met Johan at the pool bar and we got talking about Old Fashioned. He invited me to join at the Piano Bar the next day. I was promised that I will never forget the Old Fashioned from there.

So, I showed up the next evening. Met Subhash who is a molecular mixologist. He has been tending bars at various Marriott locations including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Belize etc. Looks like we missed each other at the Kempinski in Muscat by a few months. Also, we found an intersection point with another bartender – Varghese – who I had first met in the JW in Juhu Beach, Mumbai!

The process to make the Old Fashioned was very elaborate, to say the least.

First, the bitters are a mix of a couple of bitters they make in the bar. The bourbon is a mix of bourbon infused with orange peels (for thirty days) and some caramelized bourbon. The infused bourbon loses its ABV to 35% and the caramelized bourbon restores it to around 40%.

There is the smoking of course and the round ice!!

It was a total spectacle!

The Old Fashioned tasted great! Nothing like I have ever had anywhere before. The length was unusually long!

Loved it. If any of you ever come to Alaia Belize, make sure you visit the Piano Bar and have Johan or Subhash make you their special Old Fashioned!!

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