8 April 2022

04, 05, 09 or 22?

First morning (yesterday), Sharmila and I came down to enjoy some coffee by the pool at around 8am. The first family I met, I asked “So, where are you visiting from?”
“Really? Where in Atlanta?”
“Where in Roswell?”
“Next to the Roswell High School. Do you know the area?”
We let them know we are from Milton – about 5 miles away!!
What is the chance of coming to Belize and the first family we make friends with live within 5 miles from us? They could not have lived any closer…


As we were standing there, another family came by.
I asked them too..
“So, where are you folks visiting from?”
Now the first family and we looked at each other! What is the chance of this happening?
“Where in Atlanta?”
“WHAT? Where in Milton?”
“Crooked Creek”
“We are on Summit Road. Literally a couple of miles away!!”

Two families and both in our backyard!!

That was not it.

Remember the picture of Sharmila and I with the “Secret Beach” sign? Well, turns out two ladies were returning the favor of us taking their pictures there before that. After that, again, as is my way to break the ice on vacation, I asked the two ladies where they were visiting from. Wouldn’t you know – they said “Atlanta”? This time a little further away from us – they were from the city.

And still we were not done!

We left land and went into the water. You probably saw the pictures of Sharmila and I drinking the pineapple drink sitting in a table out in the water. Presently, a group of tourists came by us and asked if we could take a picture of them.

And as I took a few shots of them, I asked the usual question.
“Us too!!”
“Where in Atlanta?”, one of the ladies asked.
“Alpharetta area.”
“04, 05, 09 or 22?” She asked.

It took me a second.
“Are you talking about zip codes? Then 04”.

In case you were wondering, Alpharetta area has the following 4 zip codes, 30004, 30005, 30009, 30022.
Why would anybody ask such a question?

Well, because she works in the US Postal Service and delivers mail in our area!!!

Is life cool or what?

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