5 March 2022

You can never get over your first love!

At the young (ha!) age of 51, it struck my completely dysfunctional brain that learning how to ride a motorbike might be a good idea. The line that the frontal cortex would not let me cross was eventually breached by a lot of brown alcohol and the company of Magesh.

Phoenix was my first motorbike. I was scared as hell. But I fell in love with riding. Phoenix has been witness to too many newbie mistakes and been the not-so-silent companion in my quiet solo rides in the mountains. More importantly, Phoenix opened my eyes to the social aspects of group riding.

About 4 years and 21K miles later, I had to say goodbye to Phoenix. Very reluctantly, I might add. Pegasus is home.

I hung on to Phoenix as long as I could find space in the garage. As I transition to the empty-nesting house, it became evident to me that I could keep only one motorbike.

I realized that Phoenix needed to be set free. Instead of idling in my garage, she will bring joy to her new owner – whoever he/she is.

That picture was my last ride out of home with her.

She is mine no more!!

Posted March 5, 2022 by Rajib Roy in category "Motorbiking

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