17 February 2022

Nobody was more surprised than she herself

The school had given us 48 hours notice to keep the secret. Her best friend Ava and she were going to be told that they were the Val-Sal for the class of 2022.

You can see the surprise on Nikita’s face as she walked in. She was apparently told by her teacher to go see the Guidance Counselor immediately. The first picture is when she realized that there were a lot of teachers in the room. The second one is when she turned around and realized that we were in the room too. The third one shows the disbelief in her face when she was told why she was there!!

They met in first grade and have been best friends ever since. You might even remember them together in some of the posts from our last vacation in Hilton Head.

That was a lot of fun watching her go from “What did I do to get into trouble?” to “Are you sure there is no calculation mistake here?”

Since I do not follow her grades, I had no idea how she was doing overall. But it seems it took her by surprise too!

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