4 February 2022

Man Kunto Maula

One of the best renditions of this Qawaali is by Abi Sampa. Unforgettable tune. You can listen to it on Youtube here.

The original poem was written my Amir Khusrau eulogizing Ali (Mohammed’s cousin and friend). Zulfiqr refers to the double pointed sword that – as the legend goes – God had given Mohammed which he then gave to Ali to replace his old sword. Ali had used this sword to protect Mohammed in many a battle between the-then Meccans versus Muslims.

Laa fatah illaa Ali
Laa saif illaa Zulfiqr

Roughly translated…

(Ali is) the King of the braves
(He is) the Lion of God
(He has) the strength of God
There is no victory without Ali
There is no sword like Zulfiqr

This is followed by the original hadith attributed to Mohammed:

Man Kunto Maula
Khwajaa Ali-Un Maula

Whoever I am the master of
Venerable Ali is his master too

Again, wonderful rendition.

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