24 November 2021

Come again?

Met up with Amitesh after a long time. First he was down with cold and then I was traveling too much. I think we had skipped our weekly meetings by over a couple of months. In any case, we were determined to meet up today.

After Hannah took our picture in Abbot’s Bar and Grill, I showed him the picture and commented “We got the traffic light colors covered – green, red and orange”. Not sure whether he was too tired after all the driving to the airport and back or half a glass of wine had already hit the sweet spot for him – his response was “Blue is missing.”

And I was like – “You are confusing traffic lights with the cops that pull you over!” đŸ™‚

Anyways, we then moved on to more serious topics like how James Bond completely messed up the martini cocktail!

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