11 November 2021

“Carrion. Carrion”, there is nothing to see here!!

You probably have already read about how I had a fall this morning while out for a run. Well, that was not the end of the humiliation.

I had barely started my run on the sidewalk when I took the fall. The first thing I instinctively did was to check around to see if anybody else had seen me falling. (Why do we do that?)

Well, there was no escaping. It was near an intersection and we had cars from all four sides that had watched me fall. I got up immediately and took stock of the situation. There was no piercing pain and I could move all the limbs. That was a good sign. Nothing torn or broken – I reasoned.

But the palms and the left knee was bloodied and blue. Had there not been so many drivers, I might have decided to just go back and give it a rest.

But too many people had seen me for me to give up. Thus, I started running again.

Now get this…

I was almost done with my 4 mile run in the trail. Just as I got out of the trail and turned into the sidewalk of the main road, a big black bird flew right in front of my nose. It was on the ground and I am not sure who startled who more – but it clearly high tailed to a low branch on a tree next to me.

I stopped my run – guessing it was a buzzard of some kind – and turned around to see what it was up to. Lo! and behold!! It was a Georgia Black Vulture with a few of its brethren. They were all looking at me askance thru the corner of their eyes in a sinister kind of way.

My first instinct was to take a picture with the shattered screen iPhone.

My second instinct was to sit down on the sidewalk and laugh my head off. The thought that screamed thru my head was “Dudes! You got the wrong memo! I just had a fall. I did not die of it” !!!

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