25 September 2021

Another throwback to yesteryears…

“Where do you want to go have lunch?”, I asked Larry

“I do not care”

“Pick a cuisine – Chinese, Mexican, Indian…”

“Let’s do Mexican”.

A few swift Google map searches later, I asked – “Mi Cocina works?”

“Sure enough”

So there we were – at the Mi Cocina in the Galleria mall next to the ice rink.

As we sat down at the table, I mentioned to Larry – “You know there used to be a Mi Cocina further up north from here. It burnt down after some time. But before that Sharmila and I used to go there for their mojitos”.

“Why? Did they make great mojitos?”

“Well, they put a peeled sugarcane stick as a garnish. Never ever have I seen that before or after. I loved that sugarcane stick. It reminded me of India – where we used to chew sugarcane sticks at home”

A few minutes later, when Bobby came to take our order, I told him the story again and asked “Do you still put sugarcane sticks in your mojitos?”

He cryptically replied – “I do not know. Let’s find out!”

And we found out!!

I sure got my sugarcane stick in my mojito!!!

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