24 September 2021

“J Raghu”

In i2, we had a lot of “Raghu”s. For example, there was a Raghu Ram and there was a Raghuram. We used to refer to the former simply as “Raghu space Ram” in conversations. This one is Jayaraman Raghuraman. (To further confuse matters, his Facebook name is Raghu Raghuraman). We just shortened it to “J Raghu”.

J Raghu and I had spent a lot of time together from getting beaten up by customers (we just could not churn out good code as fast as sales would sell) to having recruitment drives in premier colleges in India.

Raghu is one of the few people I have seen in my career who has taken a lot of risks in life. And invariably has worked hard to eventually make them excellent bets.

Once in a while though, he drops his guard and lowers his standard to come out and spend time with old friends like me 🙂 🙂

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