23 September 2021

Ted Dimbero!!

I had the chance of working with Ted back in my Dallas days. I remember him being extremely funny and very level headed in his thinking. During my Austin trip this week, he was my first port of call!!

Speaking of ports, we talked a lot about our trip to Eleuthera and the Bahamas in general. (He grew up in the Bahamas).

Found out that he has two elder sisters.

“So, growing up, you were the …” – I was going to complete that with some phrase like “youngest child spoiled by everybody” or something like that.

Instead, he finished my sentence – “…yeah, I was the dumbass”.


“Yes, my sisters were both valedictorians and I barely scraped thru”. Then he went on to explain the challenges of growing up in a small island with one school and the same teachers teaching all the siblings and therefore constantly getting compared to his sisters 🙂 🙂

We also chatted about all the fun and challenges of our kids and the old friends we had worked with.

Thank you Ted for coming out and spending the evening with me..

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