23 September 2021

Suzanne McBride !

Turns out, I had some more time left in the evening. That was enough to meet another i2-er from the past. Suzanne and I were in the same software development team but I did not know much about her at that time.

And then four years back, one September morning in Atlanta, she pulled up in our driveway with a customized camper that she lived in and painted from in the long road trip she was doing across America.

That is when I got to know the fascinating side of Suzanne.

Like that day, today too, we talked about her varied interests in life – sculpture, painting, photography, videography and so on. But mostly about the art of living life, our old and new friends.

The weather was perfect in Austin. We were sitting outside. And our time spent together was made even more enjoyable by the most cheerful person I have seen – Julia Zandy – who was waiting on us. She being half Persian, we three chatted about Iran and one of my favorite stand up comedian – Maz Jobrani!!

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