12 September 2021

A great friend from my past

I think it was first half of 2018 when I first met Katie. She used to work in Roam – one of those co-working spaces that I have used since 2010 or so. I was struck by the fact that she knew a lot about Indian dishes and even cooked a few at home. I think “daal” is what she had mentioned.

Over the years we became great friends and even shared a few Indian lunches brought in thru Grubhub. Eventually she left Roam and move on to bigger career moves.

Was good to see her today. (second time since she left). Caught up with her passion in painting furniture and for some reason I cannot fathom now (she is much younger to me), we talked a lot about arthritis!! Go figure!!

Found out that we share a common connection too – we are both claustrophobic!!

Posted September 12, 2021 by Rajib Roy in category "Intersection Points

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