2 September 2021

Met him for the first time after he left Atlanta

I was very tight on time with meetings the whole day. But Magesh was kind enough to ride up to my office so we could grab lunch together. Magesh and I have gone to the same engineering college (he was senior to me) and even worked in the same company in Dallas.

But the fondest memories I have – and we talked about them – were those from the couple of years he had moved to Atlanta. There were those motorbike rides during the day and evening whiskeys at Zolas with Sharmila and Priya invariably joining us.

Then there were those intense debates on whether time was a fundamental concept or a man made concept. Not to forget the one time we sat down to figure out which was greater – e to the power of pi or pi to the power of e?

Ever since he moved back to California, I miss his sharp sense of humor (“You can talk the talk. Can you now text the text?” 🙂 )

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