2 September 2021

I was not going to leave San Francisco without seeing Jacob

One of the wicked smart persons I know – Jacob Zodikoff – unfortunately, had thrown his back during a run and could not make it to our meetings in office. Undeterred, I made him come out of his house and join me for a coffee near his place.

Discussions with Jacob are always incredible exercises in learning for me. I met him first a couple of years back when he was barely 22. I was two and half times his age. (I know, the wrong person is throwing his back while running). But his sheer level of intelligence and wisdom is breath taking. In the last few years, we have discussed a lot of things – some have nothing to do with work – and I have always come away realizing that there were many other angles I had not thought thru on the said topics.

Today was no different. Over a cup of cappuccino, the topic de jure was if our traditional way of thinking macroeconomics is relevant any more or have we gone past some tipping point where our theories around the interconnectedness of growth, interest rates, inflation, minimum wage etc has to undergo fresh thinking.

Good coffee. Great debate. Incredible company!

Posted September 2, 2021 by Rajib Roy in category "Intersection Points

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