2 September 2021

Follow your passion

Some of the best experiences of my life on the road have been the interesting people I get to meet while traveling. Take this evening as an example.

I was sitting at the hotel bar, catching up on work emails and enjoying Fortunato’s smoked Old Fashioned. In fact, we were all watching Fortunato at his craft, when I struck up a conversation with the gentleman and lady on my left. I explained to them a little about the drink and the smoking process.

One thing led to the other and we made an evening out of it. Turns out Bruce and Mary-Lou were in the city to watch the game and checked in to the same hotel where I was staying. Found out that Bruce has a thing for cars and a passion for retro models.

We were having a great conversation about all things in life when I finally asked him my now familiar to you question: “What is the life lesson you have learnt that you can impart to me?”

Bruce looked at me for a few seconds and said “Wait. Give me a minute. I need to think before I answer. Nobody has asked me this before.”

And then after thinking for a little while, he said “Follow your passions”.

“Follow my passions?”, I asked

“Yes. Follow your passions. Be yourself.”

“Got it. Can I take a picture of you two? I am going to write about our meeting in my blog”.


After the photo, the West couple excused themselves. It was getting late.

But I needed to follow my passion. So, I started blogging!!

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