23 August 2021

Poignant memory of my father in law!!

Three years back, on this day, in the middle of a company acquisition in Chicago, I got the news that my father in law had transitioned. Rushed back to Atlanta immediately to pack off Sharmila on the first flight to India.

The first message that hit my inbox today was from my mother in law. It was a picture she sent on Whatsapp. She had decorated his picture with flowers and offered all the Bengali sweets (my father in law was not too much into sweets – but you cannot worship anything in Bengali without sweets) and his favorite “cha-biskoot” (tea and crackers).

The biggest change in these three years? My mother in law has mastered modern technology!! She is the same person that used to be deathly afraid of holding an iPad because it used to go “edik odik” (topsy turvy) if she moved!!

Miss the big guy though…

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