8 August 2021

Phase 2 of 4 completed

Most of all the clothes are now taken care of. In all, got rid of about 220 pieces of clothes – that is 75% gone!

I have about 70 now – including motorcycle clothes, running clothes, office clothes, casual wear, sleep wear, yard work clothes and all that – for both winter and summer.

I think I can go down 20 more to about 50. 10 are the funny T-shirts of this summer that will go away in a year. I think I still have 10-15 more than I need because I cannot gauge correctly how much winter clothes I might need. I have a sense between my running jackets, office jackets, motorcycle jackets, sweater and warm layers, I can go down a few more. But might need to go thru a winter and then make the call.

Phase 3 will be all the accessories – shoes, caps, gloves, socks etc.

Then will be Phase 4 – how to get the world’s largest suitcase!! đŸ™‚

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