31 August 2021

What are these?

Do you know what these are? Fifteen minutes before landing in San Francisco (coming from the east), there were vast stretches of colored something below us. You can see the clean delineation between the red patch and the white patch. I could not even figure out whether they were liquid bodies or solid.

Do you know what they might be?

30 August 2021

Reached a milestone!

Got a reader from a new country after some time! First reader of my blog from Seychelles!! Is that you, Kang Lu?

Reached an interesting total number of countries from where I get reader – 153. That is an Armstrong number. 13 + 53 + 33 = 153 !!

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28 August 2021

Faster run this morning

Ran with Samaresh and Andrew Percher this morning. Andrew kept pacing us harder. I was able to keep up for 2.5 miles (and even then he was taking it easy on me) – after that, I had to slow down. 4 miles run with the first mile and last mile coming at 10 min/mile. The second mile was at 9:30 min/mile and the third one at 9:20 min/mile.

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