25 July 2021

Phase 1 of 4 completed

The “think within the box” project has started. The idea – as I had explained before – is to fit all my clothes and shoes in a suitcase. This includes all summer, winter, office, home and running clothes and shoes. After about two hours, I managed to come out on the other side of Phase 1. Nikita helped me take the 150+ articles of clothing to the Goodwill center and give them away in donation.

As I was cleaning up the closets, I remembered what my brother and sister are having to do back in India after our parents’ demise. I felt vaguely good that after my death, others will have to spend less time getting rid of my stuff.

Coming up soon – phase 2. I have to tackle all the office clothes and winter clothes in that phase.

Posted July 25, 2021 by Rajib Roy in category "Musings

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