5 July 2021

Come to Eleuthera for the incredible natural beauty

But stay here for how nice the people are. Every single person in this island is very friendly. You may remember Richard, Shirley and Shelly from previous posts. On Sunday, the cigar-toting Edgar at the Liquor store and Alicia from the grocery store helped me fix a problem. (I was potentially running low on cash and both the ATMs in the island were not working!!).

In the resort itself, the people are even nicer, if that is even possible. Florence – the lady from Haiti who has been cleaning our room has been super nice. She told us her story from Haiti.

Nothing can start your day as well as a good breakfast by the turquoise blue waters and great conversations with Torez and Trisha. Both of them have young kids – almost a year and a half old. In fact, I got to meet Torez’s daughter – who was super friendly – in keeping with the island ethos, I guess. She saw me and immediately gave me a fist bump!!

“So, we come here for vacation. You live here. Where do you go for vacation?”


“Really? What is there that you do not have here?”

“Tall buildings!” said Torez

“Tall buildings?”

“Yes, I can look up. Here you cannot look up!”

“That is funny”

Trisha added – “You come here to see what you do not have. We go there to see what we do not have!”

Sounds about fair!!

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