4 July 2021

A couple of hours with the locals

After seeing a lot of beaches and sort of beaten down by the heat, we picked a random place by the beach to sit down and cool down over a gin and tonic. We could not have picked a better place. Made friends with the owner Richard and Shirley who were serving us. Both of them are from Nassau.

Richard opened this place just a few weeks back. Lovely spot. He has a fascinating life history which has taken him to England, US, Dominican republic and Haiti. He talked a lot about Haiti. He had gone there on a missionary trip. On his way back, all he had was the clothes he was wearing. Gave away everything else. The description of how poor some parts of that country is beggars description. Had the best time chatting with him.

Shirley – a very smart and a very polite person (every answer had a Sir or Madam) in it – is bubbling with energy. Her goal in life is to be a veterinarian. Because she loves animals.

Again, great time spent..


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