3 July 2021

Road kills of Eleuthera – not!

First, I saw one of them crossing the road. Then there were a few more. And then there were a lot more! Had to pull the car over to get close to one or two of them to take a few shots.

Very beautiful looking crabs. Found out later from the locals that these crabs are fairly common in the Antilles islands. They are unique in the sense they are born in the water (all crabs have gills) but then they migrate to land. The females, after mating, go back to the water to lay their eggs.

In the peak of the season, they take over the roads. And yet, not one of them was smashed by any of the cars going by. They can dart real, real fast when scared.

Posted July 3, 2021 by Rajib Roy in category "Vacations

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