8 June 2021

Where did the bear go this time?

Kids have been coming back to school and teachers are scrambling to get data on their learning and growth in these crazy times we have gone thru. This means, on one hand, our business has gone thru the roof. On the other, we are working incredible hours to give the customers the support that they need and deserve.

Did you know that Riverside Insights is hiring 100 people to support teachers, school psychologists and school district admins help elevate the potential of school kids? Ask Tyler Morrison, Ashli Florek, James Duval, Lela Day or anybody in Riverside Insights if you wanted to know more.

I walked into office straight from the airport yesterday. After realizing that the bear was not at my desk to harass me, I got naturally curious about what he was up to.

Walked around a little more… and found him here!! The poor guy had heard about the long hours of our Customer Ops folks and decided to answer the phones to help out…

Maybe I was a little hard on him on his annual performance!

Give it up for our Customer Ops team and The Bear !!

Posted June 8, 2021 by Rajib Roy in category "Reflections

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