10 May 2021

What new skills can I develop? You have a suggestion for me?

Had a great evening session with the three Mukherjees – Amitesh, Samaresh and Anindya. One of the topics we veered into was – “what new skills are you trying to learn?”.

There is a fantastic article in The Guardian on this topic of why, as adults, we should keep pushing ourselves to learn new things. If you ever get a chance, read it. And hopefully you will get inspired to start something new.

Samaresh is learning a new language – Spanish. He wants to visit Spain and talk to the locals in their language!

Here is a question for you all… what might be a new skill I should try learning? Knowing me, quirkier the idea, the more I will be attracted to it!

Anything you have tried and enjoyed learning?

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  1. By Samaresh on

    Who are these four handsome dudes? Thanks for presenting this lovely hour Rajib. My first visit to Halcyon.


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