1 March 2021

Meeting a great leader

Two and a half years back, I entered a whole new industry. As one of my first things to do in the first month, I had called up my peer CEOs to introduce myself. While studying up on Kristin – who is the CEO of PAR Inc – I noticed that she had spent some time with Johnson and Johnson and then became a CEO (first of inVista and then PAR).

One of my first questions to her was – “How does one go from J&J to being a CEO of PAR?”. Her memorable response was “It helps if your dad had started the company!”. I remember laughing out loud. Her humility and humor struck me that day. And has struck me in every conversation I have had with her ever since.

Over the years, I have learnt quite some from her about the industry as well as learnt the depth of her leadership skills.

Was able to fulfill an old promise of looking her up if I was ever in the Tampa area this evening. Kristin and her husband Dan joined Avi and myself for a nice dinner tonight. The place was great, the food was awesome and the company was perfect. Found out later that the place I had chosen was the exact place Kristin and Dan had gotten married in!! What is the chance of that?

Great conversations!! Memorable evening!!

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