23 February 2021

Have you ever experienced this?

Today Beth Varner and Joseph Claeys from Riverside Insights gave a talk where nearly 4,000 people attended.

I was trying to think thru in my mind – what does 4,000 people mean? I remember attending events in the past in a very successful company where more people would show up to hear folks from the company speak.

But then, I realized something. Riverside Insights is only 250 people strong. That would imply that for every 1 employee, 16 people came to listen to what Beth and Joe had to say about the work they do.

Two of the biggest companies I have worked for – both multi billion dollar companies – had nearly 6,000 people. This would mean attracting 100,000 people to an event. The smallest company I have worked for was a 25 people startup. This would mean attracting 400 people.

Never, ever experienced something like this. Not even close.

Have you?

One of these days I am determined to find out why is that what those 250 employees in Riverside Insights folks do or how Beth and Joe explains what they do – so important to the world.

Till then, I am going to marvel at them!

Posted February 23, 2021 by Rajib Roy in category "In the Press

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