15 February 2021

Aha! I got back at her!!

I checked in last night into the Marriott in Brooklyn downtown. This being my first stay after nearly eight months at a Marriott, I was not sure what the new rules were given all the pandemic stuff. So, I asked the old, African American, helpful but rather stern lady at the front desk if she could tell me what all has changed. She saw my profile and immediately realized I was used to being pampered by Marriott.

After checking me in, she came out and took me thru a whole list of things I cannot get or cannot do any more. No more restaurants in the hotel. No more bars. The lobby is not open. Even the business center (which I normally use for printouts) was not open. I had to wear my mask all the time other than when I was in my room. I could not get food delivered to my room either. She lectured me on all those stuff – in a nice way – but in a nice, school-principal way.

Subsequently, I made a habit of reading up all the notices Marriott had put up all over the place. They certainly have taken all the efforts to keep the visitors safe and make sure the visitors keep others safe. In the morning, I noticed something in the elevator. There was a notice that only two people should get into the elevator at a time (unless it was a family). But something else caught my eye. And I took a picture of it.

Unfortunately, my friend was not there at the guest counters. Ah! Well!! I went about my day. In the evening, as I was on my way tp pick up my dinner, I noticed that she was there in the check in counter and all by herself.

I went up to her and told her that I had a question about the Covid rules.

She instantly recognized me. She came out from behind her desk and asked what was it.

I showed her the picture of the elevator floor I had taken.

“The elevator allows only two passengers at a time”, I said.

“Yes, sir! We are strict about social distancing”.

“I get that. But last night when I left you and got into the elevator, somebody was already there. And she was occupying the two feet corner. I had to take the other corner and stand up on one foot all the time. How does that help with Covid?”.

She had no clue what I was talking about. She saw the picture.

Then looked at me, perhaps wondering how daft I was.

That was when I winked!

And that stern principal laughed so hard that her mask came off! And she apologized for it!!

It was a good start back to my travelogs again!

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