12 December 2020

That would be over seven trips around the earth at the equator

Trusted partner for nearly 14 years. Reached the 180,000 miles mark (that would be very close to 300,000 km). This is my second car; the first one lasted 12 years. Here is how old this car is…

1. The manufacturer stopped making this car model 10 years back!!
2. The car has a tape cassette player!
3. It does not have blue tooth to play music.
3. It does not have a USB port either. And the cigarette lighter does not work!
4. It has no rear view camera
5. The GPS maps are so hopelessly outdated, it will take you twice the time to reach any place in Atlanta. Which is fine by me, since the lid to uncover the maps does not open either đŸ™‚

Here is another thing. This car is supposed to be filled with premium (91 minimum) gasoline. Every single gallon of the 10,000 gallons I have fed it has been regular (87). Never had any challenge with the engine.

I think I am going to run this one to the ground too like the first one (1995 Honda Civic).

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