12 December 2020

From the bartender’s corner – Barkeep’s Whimsy

After that thorough soaking I got while riding the motorbike, I needed a drink on the stiffer side. On a whimsy, decided on Barkeep’s Whimsy. (that and the hottub got me out of my shivers).

Rinse a cocktail glass with some absinthe (of course, the inside of the glass 🙂 ) and then throw away the excess. Now, mix 1 1/2 oz of mezcal (I used Casamigos), 3/4 oz of Genever (I used Boomsma) and 2/4 oz of Apricot Brandy with ice for about half a minute and then strain it in the rinsed cocktail glass.

Technically, one is supposed to use a lemon twist as a garnish. I did not. I did not see the connection at all. The citrus would have no effect in a cocktail with such a strong nose.

The nose was all of the sweet absinthe but length was all earthy, petrichor vapors of mezcal. The palette was fairly bland.

Posted December 12, 2020 by Rajib Roy in category "Cocktails

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