11 November 2020

Took a tumble :-(

Let this be a warning to all 54 year olds trying to learn how to skateboard!
Tried practicing how to mount off, push with left leg and mount on again (and keep repeating). Within five minutes took a fall. Front foot was too far forward – the board pivoted on front wheels and swung – throwing me off the board.

Scraped some skin and the right palm and middle finger hurt for some time (the right arm hit the concrete first) – but after a few hours, I was okay.

Fortunately, I had chosen a time when nobody was there to laugh at me.

Need to go back there soon and try again…


Posted November 11, 2020 by Rajib Roy in category "Skateboard


  1. By Lisa Kast on

    Kudos to you for just being brave enough to risk the fall!!! You looked like a young kid out there! Keep living life to it’s fullest!!!!

  2. By Linda Andries on

    Thanks for sharing. To grow we all need to embrace our vulnerable side. Impressive when a business leader shares it across their team.

  3. By Michael Genson on

    You can’t learn if you don’t fail. Kudos to you for getting out there and doing it!

  4. By Leecox. on

    Glad you are wearing a helmet. I need to see more padding on your knees and elbows please :). I think the skill
    Is taking shape though

  5. By Beth Graham on

    This was amazing!! I think I may try a safer hobby….Crocheting! LOL


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