8 November 2020

The upside of a rural living

More than thirteen years back Sharmila and I moved the daughters and ourselves from Dallas, Texas to Milton, Georgia. While parts of Milton has seen a lot of development after that, certain other parts still retains the semi-rural style of living. You know … like dirt roads, well water, septic tanks and internet thru DSL.

We have absolutely loved living in the privacy and beauty of quiet solitude of nature. It used to be that if some farm or neighbor lost a cat or dog, they used to staple the picture on those wooden electric posts and we used to read them up.

Lately, we have had technology like “Nextdoor” apps. But I promise you, you can bring in technology to us, you cannot take away our pastoral living though. Check out some snippets of lost pets in our neighborhood from Nextdoor… goats, pigs, ducks, horses and what have you!!!


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