7 November 2020

What goes best with a cup of cappuccino?

Sometimes it is sitting down to write a letter with a fountain pen!! There is something about the way a fountain pen’s nib glides over paper that just cannot be replicated by a ballpoint pen or a pencil. There is enough friction to slow you down but not too much to make it jerky irritating. Sometimes though, the flow of ink can be a problem. This is mainly due to the paper quality (and sometimes the brand of ink). There are very few brands of paper I have found in the US that have the right texture to neither bleed nor blot. If you know of any that you have been happy with, do let me know.

Meanwhile, if you are stuck at home with Covid, have you thought of giving going retro a shot? Like paper, pen and ink writing. The good old way? No auto-correct though. You have to scratch it over!!

Posted November 7, 2020 by Rajib Roy in category "Fountain Pens

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