28 October 2020

Habemus Pappadam!

You might remember a few months back, The Roam-ers and I had an Indian lunch together. Given the wonderful support and service the Roam staff give us (it almost sounds strange to call them Roam staff… after these many years, we are more friends than customers), Sharmila and I thought we should treat them to another Indian lunch. It is like Thanksgiving came early. From the “Indian” side ๐Ÿ™‚

Seriously though, nothing gets me started on an office day better than a friendly banter with Zach, Katie or Micalah first thing as I get thru that glass door upstairs every single morning. Nothing keeps the day going as well as the two cappuccinos they make everyday either!

Katie’s favorite is still the “Pappadam” and apologies to the terrible papal reference in the post title ๐Ÿ™‚ Could not help with the name being Roam… Italy…

In any case, Sunjay and I had a great time sitting down and sharing lunch with Zach, Katie, Micalah, Erin and Juan. (Coincidentally, we had the good luck of somebody from corporate Roam that day join us too, but I never caught her name!).

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