23 October 2020

Friday evening with Avi at the local cigar bar

I do not smoke at all but the evenings with Avi at the local cigar bar are always memorable. First, there are all the new folks I meet (last night met somebody who was born in Finland and another person – Robert – who is moving right next to where we lived in the Dallas area). Then there are the old folks – the owners, the barpersons – Susan, April, the cigar guy – Mason. It is always great to catch up with them.

And then after everybody leaves – the deep discussions and reflections on life we two do. Last night we were there till about 12:30 am before we slipped out from the outside gate. The previous time was about the Declaration of Independence. This time it was about relationships of human beings. We both agreed that we need to pick up from where we left next time we meet. It is too long a topic to finish in a day or two.

Great times!!

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