26 September 2020

Paid the penalty… with a 10 mile run

This week, I had not run even one single morning. There were too many breakfast meetings and then a couple of days, I was just lazy to get out in the rains. This morning, it appeared that I needed to post 36K in 5 days to keep up with my goal of 110K this month.

Gave it a shot and pulled in a 10 mile – 16K run in 1 hour and 52 minutes. Ran into Vijay Nagarajan (colleague from prior job) and Debjyoti, Rituparna and their daughter Tania in the trail. Did not get a chance to chat much since I was trying to get in as many miles as I could.

4 more days and still 20K to go. Tomorrow is ruled out (legs are too sore). Will be an interesting finish to the month…

Posted September 26, 2020 by Rajib Roy in category "Running

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