20 September 2020

Skateboard now?

In a bit of sheer lunacy, I tried unicycling. Learnt the hard way that at the age of 54, I have certainly lost a lot of my sense of balance that came naturally to me as a kid. I am told that this process continues thru our old age. (one key reason why elderly people fall down so much).

I am pausing my attempts on unicycle. But to extend that streak of madness, I am now going with skateboard to see if I can master it. Well, when I say master it, for my age, if I can get up, go for fifty yards steering around a few objects and get off without hurting myself, that counts.

None of those flipping tricks I see the kids do in Fowler Park Skate Park. Now, my problem is that I need some space to practice. Which would mean I have to go very early in the morning before the kids show up. Nobody wants to see a old man trying desperately to stay on a skateboard and falling down…


Posted September 20, 2020 by Rajib Roy in category "Skateboard

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